Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Update of Community Meeting

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Friends, yesterday’s meeting (its already 12:30 am) was very good. The community’s support was clear through their number and what they said on as well as off the mike. Large number of NGO representative were there and what they said in support of the school in particular and Digantar in general was very heartening.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Anil Bordia. The key issues that were emphasized were: (1) children’s fundamental right to education should not be allowed to be violated by the JDA, (2) a school for the poor should not be destroyed to facilitate a private university and (3) a voluntary organization doing good work should not be discriminated against.

There was good presence of the media, how well it will be coved will be known only in the morning. JDA commissioner sent two senior JDA officials who were there for the whole meeting. They seem to suggest that the JDA will not disrupt running of the school. Had to admit that the school is doing good work and that the government since encourages girls education it will support the school with majority of girl students. But they said nothing concrete.
A memorandum is prepared for the governor and chief minister, hope fully shall be able to give tomorrow, it had already been faxed.

The court hearing is tomorrow and I shall try to apprise you on the out come by tomorrow evening.


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