Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Update: Court hearings

Email from Jyotsana
Dear all
As you all know we are fighting three cases simultaneously.
1. Our petition in the High Court was rejected on March 7 and we were asked to appeal in the JDA tribunal. We had a hearing in the JDA tribunal today. We have asked for a stay order on the removal of Bandhyali School. We will get to know the decision of the Tribunal on March 24, 2006 i.e. whether we have received a stay order or not.
2. The hearing of the criminal case on Secretary, Digantar in the Court of the Judicial Magistrate is up for hearing on March 25, 2006.
3. Our petition for the contempt of court case was dismissed by single bench of the High Court. We have applealed against the decison in the Divisional Bench of the High Court.
We will keep you informed of further developments.